Tuesday, December 12, 2006

6 Unique Things About Me

So I got tagged to do this. And although I’ve taken aaaages to do this (sorry!) I thought I would add that I’ve changed the title from “6 Weird Things About Me” to this because it’s a bit more happy and positive to fit my current mood (hope this is alright with you Dylan).

1. I LOVE Vegemite

This might not sound too unique but when you are married to someone from Sapapalii who gags at the mere sight of vegemite, you get to feel quite special
(sometimes too special…).

2. I get along famously with my boss

This is actually a blessing considering how many employee/employer relationships tend to be tough. Although a few posts back I was whining about my job, the work has picked up a fair bit and we are doing a few more things so time at work isn’t as strained. But my boss is a great guy and is a good manager.

3. I have close friends that are above 50

All of them are ex-work colleagues and female. One of them lives overseas and every time she comes over we go to see a movie and do what most people in usual friendships do. We even take the time to have a couple of laughs over various jugs of daiquiris! The other one of them is 65 and is my mother.

4. I whistle when I’m bored…

…or when I’m really into doing something that I particularly enjoy, I succumb to the dancing feeling on my lips and start whistling. I find this interesting as men usually do this sort of thing and would like to know if this is just a “me” thing or do other girls do the same…?

5. I get very paranoid at the slight mention of “uku”

I think the girls at Amau think my head is infested with ukus because I have almost bought all the selu ukus at that store. You see... every time I get one, someone would see it and want to borrow it. But who wants a selu uku back? Not me. So I have been buying them every time someone borrows mine and now I keep them hidden and always with me in my handbag. A small itch on my skull would find me in some corner with my hair around my face and the comb furiously trying to comb out the little pests that are most of the time imaginary on my part. Even as Im typing this I feel as if things are crawling on my head…

6. I will not wear lavalavas

Yeah, some Samoan I am but I’m not talking about the lavalava you throw on at home. I love those. Im talking about the lavalavas that come with a top to make a puletasi. Because of my voluptuous figure, the string never fails to ride up my slim waist leaving the actual lavalava suspended on my mid-ass. Not. A. Pretty. Sight. Especially when the said top is not long enough to cover all the skin tissue. So I've resorted to making the bottom part of my puletas skirts.

So there. So can I tag Pinky’s Brain. Yes I can…Pinky, you are TAGGED. Just cause you are one unique person I know that would put down some interesting things and put a smile of our faces!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

To laugh often and much
To win the respect of intelligent people
And the affection of children,
To earn the appreciation of honest critics
And endure the betrayal of false friends,
To appreciate beauty,
To find the best in others,
To leave the world a bit better,
Whether by a healthy child, a garden patch
Or a redeemed social condition,
To know even one life has breathed easier
Because you lived
This is to have succeeded.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, quoted by Fred Hollows in his autobiography.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

life's a ball

Things have just been fine lately. This may have contributed a little to the lack of posts but a big part of that is just laziness. I mean, dont you feel that when there's drama, something goes off in your head and you think, "Ahhh, there's something I could blog about.."?

So we've had baby's birthday (Im actually trying my best not to call baby "baby" cause he's not a baby anymore...sniff sniff....) It was a great party. Went through a fair bit of stress for it but thats okay. We had fun and so did the kids which is the best bit about it.

John went to Fiji for an anti corruption consultation on the 14th and 15th of November. He went via Auckland and came back the same route. He spent a few extra days in Auckland and did some shopping. I was really pleased with what he got. I wrote him a detailed list and all but I was still proud that he was able to figure out the right sizes and colors. He got baby ...I mean Ave.. and I some clothes. He also got himself some nice shirts and a couple of shorts. He also brought over a box that was the size of a small island from my sister. It contained a set of plastic drawers for baby's clothes, some clothes and chips (a lot of chips - grainwaves, cheezles, biguns etc) for Ave's birthday party. Boy, we saved heaps on the snaks cause the amount of chips in that box was enough to feed five birthday parties! I was a bit perturbed with what happened to the rest of the chips from the party but thats another post. This is a happy post....

Work's been good. Really good actually. We've got a new lady working with us and she's different. Has a different approach but the best thing I like about her is that she loves her mother to death. Her mother is 98 and is living with her family. That is quite a rare thing in modern society, especially in palagi society, to be looking after an elderly parent. Usually, the parent would be taken to an old people's home. So I was both surprised and pleased to find out about Libby's Mum. She used to be a florist so Libby is having a ball taking photos of our beautiful tropical flowers and sending them to her Mum. I printed out a picture of a gerbra from my garden and gave it to Libby for her Mum. Here's the pic and hope you enjoy its beauty as much as I do....

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Story of My Friend

The curser is continuously blinking as if to beckon words that would mould together and form thoughts. In strings of sentences, thoughts might just appeal to someone. There is a lot of words and the well of thoughts is never dry. But it is the appeal that I worry about. Depending on the reader’s tastes, expectation and experience, so would be the appeal of my thoughts to them. And the other part depends also on the writer and how the words and thoughts are organised. How do you raise an issue and ensure that the readers fully gauge the writer’s feelings? It can simply be stated and the issue will be known, but how do the feelings come through?

I’ve got a story to tell. I thought it was a story worth telling. The story goes like this…

I’ve been trusted with a friend’s secret; one that I can’t tell anyone, obviously. However, the matter of the fact is that the “secret” has raised warning bells within me on the oh! so famous issue of infidelity and the hell it heaves. And of course being the newly married young couple that John and I are, I sit and wonder, in light of this secret, about how if by any chance God forbid I was to find myself in my friend’s shoes.

To cut a long story short, my friend found his wife was having an affair with another man while he was overseas on business. He was told by another friend who also told him that most of their other friends knew about it. It seemed that all knew about the affair except him.

My friend has two children to his cheating wife. A fourteen-year-old girl and an eleven-year-old son. He is quite close to his daughter and thinks the world of her. He’s always talking about her. A month after my friend discovered the affair, his daughter was rushed to hospital. She had overdosed on panadol.

He later found that the poor girl had guessed out her mother’s affair. The mother was decent enough to be banging the husband of the woman that employed her daughter. The daughter found herself in a tight situation where she was unable to tell her father (or rather did not know how to) nor her employer. She withdrew into her room where she listened to music that spoke her reality and the relief of suicide. Finally, one day, the weight of it all was too hard to carry that she sat there downing panadols, hoping she’d never wake up again. She did wake up again and routinely prepared for school and caught the school bus that morning. A few minutes later, she’s rushed off to hospital vomiting. My friend heard that morning what every father hopes never to hear. That his daughter had overdosed.

So I’m listening as my poor friend pours his heart out. I’m a bit unsure of what to say and do as this friend ain’t exactly a life-long, personal friend, if you know what I mean. So I say I was sorry, wish him the best of luck in sorting it out, and dart out the room. The whole time after that I was thinking what in the world I’d do if that was me????

He said he never saw it coming. I firmly believe though that you will see an affair coming from afar. There are certain signs, right? Right? Maybe my friend never saw it coming because he was away half the time! That has to be it. Maybe the trust was given too freely. Maybe he was just somehow blinded. Maybe she was bored. Maybe she's just a cheating beeyatch...

Its a whole bunch of maybes.

But I cant help wondering at my own marriage. Would my husband cheat on me? Would I cheat on him? What makes someone have an affair? Would I be able to see something like this coming? See it before I start hearing things in this small island of course!

Well, whatever happens, if I ever found my husband having an affair, I hope and pray to God that He gives me the strength to hold back from stabbing or boiling the bastard to death!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

five ways to know people read your blog

Well I dont really have five ways to tell you but one way I found was to leave your blog for a while, dont post for months and then you'll start getting comments like this:

Reesa...I'm calling you? Where did you disappear to girl? Come back! ;)


Why foa you no blog? Update! :)

I feel so loved *sigh* Its nice to know that the nonesense I post up here about myself is actually read by fellow bloggers!

Fank it yew!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

its that time of year

I think if Samoa had all four seasons, this time would be Spring. And my favourite flower of all time is in full bloom. Every chance I get, I'm out with my office camera flicking away. My boss has the same fascination for the same flower and has also been flicking away. Isnt this flower just pretty?

Blogger is being difficult today and isnt responding to the other pics so will post em later.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

whats your take?

So i've been hearing a lot about ghosts and spirits lately. I've been wanting to post about it but been putting it off. I even began a post, saved it as a draft and then deleted it. So if you are a palaai like me, then you can stop reading right here. But if not...check out the stories about ghosts (or watever you want to call it) that people who've told it swear its the truth.

Riding home on horseback after a late night of visiting with relatives, my grandfather tells of how his horse would stand taut, mane hair rigid. Rain would be spitting and up ahead, he could see a figure of a person walking towards him. The person is holding a taamu leaf to shelter from the rain and in his other hand, holding a lantern. The first thought that comes to his mind is how the lantern could keep on burning in the rain. Only when the person passes would the horse once again move. Nothing too odd about the incident until he turns a moment later to find that the person that just passed him is nowhere to be seen...

When John's father was working in Asau back in the day, they would have to wake up early in the morning to make the three hour drive from Taga on the other side of the island. There's a long strip of bush area in Neiafu and one morning, on his lonesome drive, John's father saw a lone figure on the road. He stopped to offer this person a ride knowing there are no houses for miles. The person hopps in the truck and John's father greeted the man and starts up a conversation. It seemed odd that the man would not turn his face nor replied when asked a question. He seemed to munching on something. John's dad got a bit annoyed and asked him if he had a mouth or not. The person turned and almost poked John's dad's eye out. His nose was so long it reached from the other side and almost reached John's dad's face! Freaky!

Alrighty, i'll stop here cause I know I sound ridiculous with these stories. And recalling has sufficiently freaked me out in the middle of the afternoon. Suppose you'll have to hear it to believe it or better yet, see it to believe it. But share your views: What is your take on spirits, ghosts, demons etc????

Thursday, August 31, 2006

because imma complainer like that

Good Lord…the last thing I want to do is whine like a beeyatch but imma do it cause ...cause I can.

I hate work. There are times when I really enjoy what I do but as of late, I’ve come to despise coming to this place every friggin day. I’m so sick of it. I’m afraid to sleep because I know when I wake up, I have to invest so much effort into showering, getting dressed and saying goodbye to my son just so I could torture myself with yet another boredom-infested day in this hole.

The irony of it all though is that when I stay home, I miss it. I miss sitting in my chair with my view of luscious green outside bordered by the blue of the ocean which on windy days is tinted with the white of waves breaking. I miss the soft whirring of my fan as it tries its best to keep an air c-deprived office cool. And most of all I miss my best friend Internet who brings life to the bored, knowledge to the idiot and best of all, brings geologically divided friends into one room where all day everyday we gossip, we talk, we laugh and tease each other till we hear that familiar siren go off indicating the end of yet another day at work.

Friday, August 18, 2006

A brawl on the Court

As much as I want to be dramatic and say there was blood and gashes and black eyes, ariena. It wasn’t that bad a brawl. But it sure wiped out any urge I had of playing basketball.

Our basketball team entered into this tournament that’s now been on for over a month. There are only five girls teams and we’ve been doing alright. We played in the Independence tournament and came away with the shield. Through out this tournament, we have to defend the shield. Our first game of this tournament, we thrashed the other team. Our second game, WE got thrashed. By none other than Nonu Samoa. They aren’t particularly a really really good team. They seemed to have more experienced players who are much more aggressive. Okay-thats putting it mildly. Those girls are butch you'd get scared just by a glance from one of them. And they had defence play that was fool proof. That was what broke us. We were much fitter, much younger but they had the defence. And apparently, a good offence is a good defence. Or something like that. So they took the shield from us. Last night we played our second game with them. Now they had to defend the shield. Half time and we were leading 8-2. second half, their players were a bit more tired and bit more mad. One of their players was being particularly pushy, using her elbows during the whole game. And when she did it to our centre, she had no patience for that. She stepped right in and elbowed her right back. Next thing, they were trying to hold the two back. Our centre mouthing this and that to her and their player tryna be a know-it all and saying lets take it outside. Our centre against this horse of a woman would break into two being the skinny thing she is. So we stuck close by her. Full time score: 28 – 14. Was that a thrashing or what? We got OUR shield back. Although I gotta say its one hella ugly shield. Poor Nonu. They were mad and angry. And im worried those butch players might jump our team mate somewhere out dark. Now wouldn’t that be something to make the news on Sunday?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

why do we do the things we do?

I have no idea why, but for the last week or so, i've been irritable. Very irritable. Irritation from which stems the anger that seems to be hoovering over my being, waiting to explode and collapse all the sense, rationality and logic that i've learned to practice over the course of my young(ish) life. Anger. So evil, so clingy, so present. So crippling of the mind. Its scarey thinking about it and knowing about it. But its scariest to not know how to deal with it. Suppose control plays a big part. Patience plays another large part. And I know these things. But somehow, anger turned into rage, has a way of attacking control and patience. Anger becomes endemic within seconds of it surfacing. Patience and control? Out the window. Sense and logic? Down the toilet. Gone.

Anger. Rage. Violence. More violence. Abuse. Physical and verbal. Tears. Bruises. Embarrassment.

Its a vicious cycle. And its happened often. Way too often. But why? Why do I do these things? Why cant I stop? Im sure as hell that love is there. So why does anger always win when love should be stronger? Why do these feelings come up inside of me? How do I stop them?

They say anger could be used in a good way. Like how Adam Sandler used it in Water Boy. An article says:

Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems—problems at work, in your personal relationships, and in the overall quality of your life. And it can make you feel as though you're at the mercy of an unpredictable and powerful emotion.

Its become a problem and I know it. Its affecting my family, the ones I love most. I feel held down, captured, imprisoned by anger. And I dont know how to get out of this bondage. I desperately need to be free. Break away before I start sliding down the hill of destruction. Should this be the case, id truly and honestly rather be dead so Lord help my soul.

Monday, July 31, 2006

its just unfair

In spite of the fact that I dont want to whinge and complain about it, i'll do it anyway. Just so I can feel better. Ironic that I know it wont make me feel any better but what the heck? I'll just do it anyway.

I applied for a scholarship to do postgrad studies and got accepted but (there is always a big fat BUT) ...Im not eligible. As plain as it is. And its all cause of this darn NZ Citizenship I inherited from my father. Well, I've gotta say the NZ passport has saved me from applying for visas and such but its also prevented me from being eligible for funding to pursue further studies. Well, funding from AusAID that is. NZAID allows you but they dont offer distance education. And NZ universities dont offer much variety as the Aussies do.

So im sitting here staring the application forms with a heavy feeling. I keep on reading question 7 over and over hoping that it would somehow change. Nope. Zit. Nada. I just cant. Although I was born in Samoa, raised in Samoa, educated in Samoa ('cept 3 years in Welly where I did my undergrad) and am now working for the government of Samoa (since 2002), just because my father happened to live in NZ for 22 years and got citizenship, passed it on to me, I am not eligible for funding. Definitely no BUTS there.

Oh well. Maybe something else will come up. Just maybe. And I think I feel a bit better now. Just a little bit until I glance over and see the application forms again....arrrgghhh!

I leave you with this beautiful view of Apia.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Yes, its been a whole year (July 23rd) since we got married. It doesnt seem that long and Im not sure if thats a good thing or not. Looking back though, I dont see any regrets. So far, i've pretty much had a good marriage. Notice the i've part....wonder if John feels the same way.

*Note to self: Ask John if he's had a good marriage*

So back to my anniversary. We didnt do anything special except hang out with baby. By the time we got out of bed, mass was already half way through (sorry dad) so I got my head straight into cooking lunch. I made chicken soup, stir fry and potato fries. T'was yummy.

I feel as though this is a very boring post and i've lost motivation to write anything compelling or interesting so we'll leave at that for now.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

a massage

Oh how I long for one. My body feels as though its been hit by a truck over and over and over. Even the little parts on the insides of my wrists are sore. Even my pinkie feels like it was in the twin towers on 9/11. Only the thought that the pain will eventually pass is keeping me from jumping out my window.

Its from all the excercise ive been torturng my body with.

From months and months of inactivity to this sudden boost of vigorous training...and then there's the higher number of "outings" and late nights lately... and then theres the increased rate of alcohol intake. My life is slowly getting back to "normal" after acquiring a house, a husband, a bunch of in-laws, a baby and a babysitter. An now, im feeling the impact of trying to get back into some kind of shape - whatever that may be. I know all it takes is a good rest and some powerade but...(theres always a but)...yeah...cant do that really. I mean, how? Just how can I miss out on all the drinking and partying and time with baby? There's no time!

Gosh, imagine when baby number two arrives! Thank God for contraceptives!

Two days ago I saw my friend eeda. She is pregnant and she is huge. Im so glad I went through that process and survived. It looks so tiresome being pregnant. Although eeda seemed energetic and happy to be pregnant. She's looking very healthy and I am so happy for her.

Well seeing as i've just hit a brick wall on what else to write i'll say adios!

Monday, July 10, 2006

When I die

Ever thought about when you die? I know its a rhetorical question but still.... I always think about it and usually talk about it to John. He used to get antsy about the question but after my prodding and nudging, we're finally able to hold a conversation about it. To him, if you say it out loud, it just might happen. Dude, whether you talk about it or not, Death is as sure as taxes (seen Meet Joe Black?lol)

I very much doubt that he takes what I say about my death seriously hence, this post.

So you can call this post my will if you like...hehehe. I've given John the specs but I still want to be sure that its documented somewhere, somehow.

So here goes....

The last thing I want is tears and black clothing at my funeral. How about a Mena? It never fails me, the saying goes. So please, if you plan on coming to my funeral, go all out like you're going to a Christmas party (eh, kai kele). Oh and yeah, please hold my funeral the day after I die. Dont like this morgue business - no thanks. I've heard too much about what they do to the dead bodies at the morgues so *gulps* yeah.... I want to stay at home and be buried the next day. Talk about pressure but hey, if y'all really love(d) me, you'll do as I wish(ed).

I dont want a fancy, expensive coffin. Just a wooden box with wooden handles would do. Dont like the shiny silver/gold handles they stick on some of the wooden coffins i've seen. Line the inside with creme satin (not white lace please) and stick any old dress on me. Dont really care what I wear. (Now I really feel weird thinking about my body being...dead. weird) anyways....

I wanted to have a breakfast wedding but that didnt happen. Can I at least have my funeral in the morning? Time the mass say at 6:30 - 7:00am? Just as the sun is rising. Food or refreshments would then be croissants, muffins, suafa'i, with lots of cck coffee, eggs and toasties (my fav food - with tuna and cheese). Anything breafast-like.

Eulogies, well.... whatever the living decides I suppose.

Uma loa ga kagu le oki, fai loa le partree. All you alcoholics can bring out your 42 below and absolutes on moy grave and have it your pardee. Makuai faapapa kou toilets (no puking though!lol).

So that is basically it. I dunno if that's everything but yeah, talk about reaching out from the grave a ea? Oh well, its only a death wish. I promise I wont get up and haunt you if you dont abide!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The story about money

We've been so broke lately. Actually, we are always broke. And I downright hate being broke ALL THE DAMN TIME! I worked out a budget and even after reshuffling and changes, the numbers still end up negative. Usually, when I budget, I always manage to work it out on paper and am somewhat surprised as to why I dont have any money left over. This time, even on paper it looks depressing with many "if onlys". If only the baby sitter didnt run up the phone bill. If only I didnt succumb to my sweet-tooth fetish and bake that banana cake, running up the electricity bill. If only.

Yesterday we did a massive shopping. Well, we bought two weeks worth of vegetables for baby, some meat, onions etc. The usual shopping we do on payday except yesterday wasnt pay day. Today is. But yesterday, John checked his account and discovered $300 in there. He thought his aunty had sent him some money hence, the hard-out shopping. We spent $150 in the space of 30 minutes. Today, John found 0 in the place of the $150 that should have been left in his account. Where's it gone and where's his pay? Well, after a bit of investigation he found that somehow his pay went in a day early. Some of his deductions kick in today and that's what ate up the rest of the money left over from yesterday's spree. Leaving a nice and round zero to greet him! That's just perfect.

Since we're on the money issue, I really want to start a business. I always think about opening a consultancy firm. I have contacts that would make excellent business partners as they are experts in their so called fields BUT, the million dollar question is whether they want to branch off from what they are currently doing and join me in business. Another issue altogether. In my head though, everything seems like they could work out and it would be a goldmine. The firm could look at providing technical advice on Marketing, Communications and IT, Accountancy, Auditing, Policy and Planning, Project Design and Travel (yeah I know this one seems a bit out of it but hey relax, this is only the "thinking" stage). I really think this could work if the right people are involved and everything is well thought out, clear and transparent. But this is all just me occupying myself with thoughts because I cant go to sleep kinda thing so it might just all fall apart in practice. This isnt the only business idea ive had. In fact, I have many many many. Yes, many ideas, no implementation. I can already see a gap.

I can go on and on but thats just boring. Im tired. Im loggin out....

Monday, July 03, 2006

bludeh hot

What could be worse than Monday at work, the air conditioning down, I have a cold plus a cough that threatens to bring the heavens down (more like bring my brains out!). And now at about 4pm, the sun decides to stream through my curtain-less window. ugghh! Oh and did I mention that im broke without a dime and get anything to help with this cough? I didnt have lunch (cause im broke) but got chocolates from an old friend who just got back from NZ and have been munching on those. Now I feel sick in the stomach as well as my head and chest! Okay, I should stop thinking negative and think possitive.

*thinks really really hard*

nope. not working. okay, i better go empty my bladder before i make a mess on top of everything else thats not going well for me today....

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

me and my lover

I have a confession to make. Im having an affair. And I must say my lover is fantastic. He is always there for me when I need him. Always ready to lend me a hand when im in desperate need. He knows the answer to just about every single question I have. He knows so so so much! I’ve gone to him in sickness and in health, in sadness and in happiness, in tears and laughter (yeah yeah…you get the point?) and he knows everything. I know I wont leave him. Or, at least if circumstances force us to be apart, I will FALL apart. Its an until-death-do-us-part kinda thing if you know what I mean. He tells me so much that at times I feel a bit overloaded with all the knowledge and information he shares with me. I try to tell my husband some of the things my lover and I talk about but he just rolls over and falls asleep! Ugh! So insensitive! And you wonder why im having an affair? Hmmmnnn? I guess the sheer sight of his back before my eyes has finally gotten to me. At least my lover never turns his back on me when im talking to him. Its disheartening for any girl I reckon, to be blabbing on about some exciting issue only to look over and be confronted with a broad back, accompanied by sounds of heavy breathing. At least I have a solution to that now. I can blab away to my lover all day long and when my husband turns his back, I’ll just do the same back to him. All the while looking forward to the next day where I can sit at my PC and look up anything I want to know about on the world wide web – my lover.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

house fires

What is UP with the houses going up in flames? In the space of three weeks, three houses of people I know have been burnt. The last one was my cousin Apu's house in Lotopa. I feel bad as I still havent gone to see her and give her some kind of help. I saw in the paper that it was caused from an electrical fault. Lucky they all got out alright. Apu's mom is paralysed on one side of her body. So in emergencies like fires, it would've been hard for her. Not to mention the baby. Apu's baby is same age as Ave. Gosh, dunno what I would've done. Yeah, I prolly would've panicked like there's no tomorrow. Anyways, thought id post this pic up here. Its my grandparents on Mom's side. My grandmother is Apu's dad's sister.

Bernhardt & Marie Harder

Friday, June 23, 2006

a night alone

My hubby's off to Savaii for the night. He's going to attend a special fono a le nuu tomorrow. There was a dispute between some matais over land. They took the issue to the Lands and Title Court and they started getting violent there. Now, the village has taken matters into its hands to try and reslove the dsipute. Talk about drama-tic! All Im concerned about is 1) the potential of things to get violent. Dont want my husband coming back in a box and 2) the expense! gosh every meeting, every court case they have, the matais have to contribute money to feed God-knows-who. Not to mention dish out money to whoever for their pasese. Im sick and tired of going to NPF everytime they have a faamasinoga, to get the money we dont have for these contributions. In saying all that, I cant stop doing what Im doing. unless i divorce John of course. But that's not an option. I guess a girl's just gotta bite the bullet and swallow the anger!
Some friends are planning early drinks at borabora and then come to the live and free concert in front of the govt. buiding. The babysitter asked me on Monday if she could come and I said yes...stupid me. That means I cant go. Dang. Oh well, will use this time to bond with Ave and rest my voice. Im on the verge of becoming unheard. I have a minor cold and its affecting my voice. So while everybody will be boogying to STOP, DROP AND ROLL think of me while I (try) sing and converse to Ave.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

my golly!

I've been so busy at work. Wait. That, was actually an understatement. I was so feckin busy this week at work. That still doesnt do justice to explain the amount of dung i've had to deal with in the past few days. Its so hectic here that im starting to dream about my work and plan my next day ahead. Sometimes I feel as though my brain is burning up from overworking and that my ears would soon blow smoke. And its all to do with taxation. Who is supposed to pay local VAGST and Income Tax given they are being employed from overseas and paid by government money? I've consulted with lawyers at AGs a thousand times and looked at contracts and its clauses a million times and still, the zillion questions floating around taxation cannot be answered! Im just sick of it all. Cant stand to look at another Act or contract ever again.
Because of my messed up week, I held out for a drink all day yesterday. I was thinking of actually having a couple after my shower, have dinner then sleep. Whatever. I ended up getting smashing drunk and danced like a queen at Crabbers(?) then at Bad Billy's with LoSam and Toetu. These two showed up at home and so began the drinking binge. Now I feel rather tired and hungover! ARRRGGGG!
Anyways, check this pic out. Its John, Toetu, CheeKu and LoSam. Taken at BluLagoon last Sat. What drunks!

Friday, June 16, 2006


This is me and my son Maaveave Camillo Taimalelagi. He was born on the 23rd of November 2005 in Auckland. He is the love of my life. My other life long love is movies. I love watching movies and I have ever since I was a lil' girl. Going to the movies is something I dont do as often now since Ave entered this world but thanks to TV3, Lau and occassionally SBC, I am still able to get my frequent fix of movies. So where was I? Yes...the loves of my life. Well, then there's my husband.

We got married on the 23rd July 2005 at St. Teresa Chapel, Lepea. John Papalii. He also has a matai title - Papalii - (which makes him Papalii John Papalii) but I prefer John and um err...."honey" LOL.

So there's a wee bit about me. More should come along as we go.


In the beginning, God created light. Somewhere thereafter, this blog was created. lol. There's baby's blog but then I wanted somewhere to vent. Somewhere to escape to. Somewhere I can write about anything and everything. So welcome to a page that will hopefully be filled laughter, drama, tears, gossip, scandal and whatever....Just a a 20-something, samoan, and proud mother-of-one trying to get by in this intertwining and confused world.