Friday, June 23, 2006

a night alone

My hubby's off to Savaii for the night. He's going to attend a special fono a le nuu tomorrow. There was a dispute between some matais over land. They took the issue to the Lands and Title Court and they started getting violent there. Now, the village has taken matters into its hands to try and reslove the dsipute. Talk about drama-tic! All Im concerned about is 1) the potential of things to get violent. Dont want my husband coming back in a box and 2) the expense! gosh every meeting, every court case they have, the matais have to contribute money to feed God-knows-who. Not to mention dish out money to whoever for their pasese. Im sick and tired of going to NPF everytime they have a faamasinoga, to get the money we dont have for these contributions. In saying all that, I cant stop doing what Im doing. unless i divorce John of course. But that's not an option. I guess a girl's just gotta bite the bullet and swallow the anger!
Some friends are planning early drinks at borabora and then come to the live and free concert in front of the govt. buiding. The babysitter asked me on Monday if she could come and I said yes...stupid me. That means I cant go. Dang. Oh well, will use this time to bond with Ave and rest my voice. Im on the verge of becoming unheard. I have a minor cold and its affecting my voice. So while everybody will be boogying to STOP, DROP AND ROLL think of me while I (try) sing and converse to Ave.

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