Monday, July 10, 2006

When I die

Ever thought about when you die? I know its a rhetorical question but still.... I always think about it and usually talk about it to John. He used to get antsy about the question but after my prodding and nudging, we're finally able to hold a conversation about it. To him, if you say it out loud, it just might happen. Dude, whether you talk about it or not, Death is as sure as taxes (seen Meet Joe Black?lol)

I very much doubt that he takes what I say about my death seriously hence, this post.

So you can call this post my will if you like...hehehe. I've given John the specs but I still want to be sure that its documented somewhere, somehow.

So here goes....

The last thing I want is tears and black clothing at my funeral. How about a Mena? It never fails me, the saying goes. So please, if you plan on coming to my funeral, go all out like you're going to a Christmas party (eh, kai kele). Oh and yeah, please hold my funeral the day after I die. Dont like this morgue business - no thanks. I've heard too much about what they do to the dead bodies at the morgues so *gulps* yeah.... I want to stay at home and be buried the next day. Talk about pressure but hey, if y'all really love(d) me, you'll do as I wish(ed).

I dont want a fancy, expensive coffin. Just a wooden box with wooden handles would do. Dont like the shiny silver/gold handles they stick on some of the wooden coffins i've seen. Line the inside with creme satin (not white lace please) and stick any old dress on me. Dont really care what I wear. (Now I really feel weird thinking about my body being...dead. weird) anyways....

I wanted to have a breakfast wedding but that didnt happen. Can I at least have my funeral in the morning? Time the mass say at 6:30 - 7:00am? Just as the sun is rising. Food or refreshments would then be croissants, muffins, suafa'i, with lots of cck coffee, eggs and toasties (my fav food - with tuna and cheese). Anything breafast-like.

Eulogies, well.... whatever the living decides I suppose.

Uma loa ga kagu le oki, fai loa le partree. All you alcoholics can bring out your 42 below and absolutes on moy grave and have it your pardee. Makuai faapapa kou toilets (no puking though!lol).

So that is basically it. I dunno if that's everything but yeah, talk about reaching out from the grave a ea? Oh well, its only a death wish. I promise I wont get up and haunt you if you dont abide!


Pinky in Boots said...

Stob ur morbid fascination with death. Has my influence rubbed off on you? lol

reesa said...

Hey do you fink about this stuff too? Lol...yes, you can call it a morbid fascination. I think of it as a death wish I suupose. Something that came suddenly with motherhood so much baby's influence as yours!

dasifi said...

Though some people may think its strange it's actually good to think/talk about such things as we don't when our time will be up. Though whether they wil uphold our wishes and do as we have asked is another thing.

But I believe that death is far, far from you. You will live long enough to make sure that that the lady Ave chooses to marry will not only take care of him physically but will keep his heart safe.

Keep 'em thoughts flowing they are a pleasure to read.

God Bless u N Yours.

reesa said...

Malo Sifi! Thanks for dropping by. I'm a fan of your writing too but have somewhat been a bit shy to leave a comment but o lea ua e kalepea le aisa lea ga ko'a i le va lea!

Good day and thanks for the reassurance - i'm not insane!

dasifi said...

suga ae ur making me feel like sia figel (lol) seriously I have been following baby Ave's journey like a dog who wont let go of his bone.
It's just been great reading abt him and getting to know him thru your writing.
I check in now and then hoping to get a glimpse of those to die for lashes a heart breaker alrite. But I know with u as his mom he will learn to Respect da Ladies!
Just jumped back on to ask fer yer permission to link ur page if u don't mind dat is.
These days I live and breathe anything that comes out from the islands divas. Makes me feel closer to home and not totally cut off from the world!

Ok I am resortin' to drastic measures now .."puhretty puhleasse!"

reesa said...

sure thing gal. link-it all you like! Lol.