Friday, August 18, 2006

A brawl on the Court

As much as I want to be dramatic and say there was blood and gashes and black eyes, ariena. It wasn’t that bad a brawl. But it sure wiped out any urge I had of playing basketball.

Our basketball team entered into this tournament that’s now been on for over a month. There are only five girls teams and we’ve been doing alright. We played in the Independence tournament and came away with the shield. Through out this tournament, we have to defend the shield. Our first game of this tournament, we thrashed the other team. Our second game, WE got thrashed. By none other than Nonu Samoa. They aren’t particularly a really really good team. They seemed to have more experienced players who are much more aggressive. Okay-thats putting it mildly. Those girls are butch you'd get scared just by a glance from one of them. And they had defence play that was fool proof. That was what broke us. We were much fitter, much younger but they had the defence. And apparently, a good offence is a good defence. Or something like that. So they took the shield from us. Last night we played our second game with them. Now they had to defend the shield. Half time and we were leading 8-2. second half, their players were a bit more tired and bit more mad. One of their players was being particularly pushy, using her elbows during the whole game. And when she did it to our centre, she had no patience for that. She stepped right in and elbowed her right back. Next thing, they were trying to hold the two back. Our centre mouthing this and that to her and their player tryna be a know-it all and saying lets take it outside. Our centre against this horse of a woman would break into two being the skinny thing she is. So we stuck close by her. Full time score: 28 – 14. Was that a thrashing or what? We got OUR shield back. Although I gotta say its one hella ugly shield. Poor Nonu. They were mad and angry. And im worried those butch players might jump our team mate somewhere out dark. Now wouldn’t that be something to make the news on Sunday?


I like me just fine :)) said...

lol @ the butch Nonu girls, scaaarrryyyy lol. Congrats on grabbing back your shield and leaving them in your pefus lol xx

supasta said...

lol @ 'horse of a woman'
goes for most of the NOnu Gurls..hehehe..okay ill shudup now..kei jump a'u e sesi wen i come home..

reesa said...

Lol at you two. Well, I saw a couple of the Nonu girls around and I gotta say...them lookin so butch? Well, it may have a lot to with yoa mental state cause seeing them outside of that atmosphere (the basketball competition) they looked quite...normal(?). As in, not as butch! So yeah...being scared makes your opponent look much larger and meaner!

Dylan said...

Good thing you guys got your shield back or all that drama would have been for 'naught. haha...too funny!

Congrats on getting your shield back from the butch Nonu girls! LOL.

tel said...

hehe, butch Nonu girls aye, too funny! Damn, all that time I was living in Samoa I didn't have a clue how to get into BBall and now I am on the other side of the Pacific Ocean I find someone who is in the, damn irony! Oh well...awesome stuff on walking away with the shield woohoo ;P