Thursday, June 22, 2006

my golly!

I've been so busy at work. Wait. That, was actually an understatement. I was so feckin busy this week at work. That still doesnt do justice to explain the amount of dung i've had to deal with in the past few days. Its so hectic here that im starting to dream about my work and plan my next day ahead. Sometimes I feel as though my brain is burning up from overworking and that my ears would soon blow smoke. And its all to do with taxation. Who is supposed to pay local VAGST and Income Tax given they are being employed from overseas and paid by government money? I've consulted with lawyers at AGs a thousand times and looked at contracts and its clauses a million times and still, the zillion questions floating around taxation cannot be answered! Im just sick of it all. Cant stand to look at another Act or contract ever again.
Because of my messed up week, I held out for a drink all day yesterday. I was thinking of actually having a couple after my shower, have dinner then sleep. Whatever. I ended up getting smashing drunk and danced like a queen at Crabbers(?) then at Bad Billy's with LoSam and Toetu. These two showed up at home and so began the drinking binge. Now I feel rather tired and hungover! ARRRGGGG!
Anyways, check this pic out. Its John, Toetu, CheeKu and LoSam. Taken at BluLagoon last Sat. What drunks!


Omega & Alex said...

I see the reunion of the drunks... Hahaha any bar any place!

reesa said...

hi omega. good to see you up here. yes i know about the drunks. ua ova. ailoga ea e sao mai se weekend e kasi mai le oga lakou! take care girl.