Wednesday, September 13, 2006

whats your take?

So i've been hearing a lot about ghosts and spirits lately. I've been wanting to post about it but been putting it off. I even began a post, saved it as a draft and then deleted it. So if you are a palaai like me, then you can stop reading right here. But if not...check out the stories about ghosts (or watever you want to call it) that people who've told it swear its the truth.

Riding home on horseback after a late night of visiting with relatives, my grandfather tells of how his horse would stand taut, mane hair rigid. Rain would be spitting and up ahead, he could see a figure of a person walking towards him. The person is holding a taamu leaf to shelter from the rain and in his other hand, holding a lantern. The first thought that comes to his mind is how the lantern could keep on burning in the rain. Only when the person passes would the horse once again move. Nothing too odd about the incident until he turns a moment later to find that the person that just passed him is nowhere to be seen...

When John's father was working in Asau back in the day, they would have to wake up early in the morning to make the three hour drive from Taga on the other side of the island. There's a long strip of bush area in Neiafu and one morning, on his lonesome drive, John's father saw a lone figure on the road. He stopped to offer this person a ride knowing there are no houses for miles. The person hopps in the truck and John's father greeted the man and starts up a conversation. It seemed odd that the man would not turn his face nor replied when asked a question. He seemed to munching on something. John's dad got a bit annoyed and asked him if he had a mouth or not. The person turned and almost poked John's dad's eye out. His nose was so long it reached from the other side and almost reached John's dad's face! Freaky!

Alrighty, i'll stop here cause I know I sound ridiculous with these stories. And recalling has sufficiently freaked me out in the middle of the afternoon. Suppose you'll have to hear it to believe it or better yet, see it to believe it. But share your views: What is your take on spirits, ghosts, demons etc????


Pinky in Boots said...

Okay, so I'm the first because yeah, i have nothing else to do.

heaps more stories like those; and catholic though i may be, i acknowledge there are some things unexplainable - the belief of the Samoan people in Telesa and etc. my sister was driving from the airport around 2am and saw men with pails of water (at that time???)....she turned back to look and they could not be seen either.

So yeah...that was my take :o)

reesa said...

Yeah, I think I acknowledge too the presence of spirits - ones that had bodies and ones that never did. I wonder though if they can harm us???? Suppose they can only if we let them a?

Malo le fai manatu.

nannyboo said...

hmmmm...interesting topic, well hell yeah i believe in that stuff man, cos even now i'm still a pala'ai to be left alone in the

Heard quite alot of stories meself but lets not ponder on that cos i happen to be living on my own and i dont wanna get any nightmares cos i'm a chicken like that! *pock pock*


dasifi said...

Spirits are mentioned in the Bible so I guess we are not really making them up if they already exist but it seems that they have evolved over the centuries listening to some stories. I guess its prudent not to totally dismiss all accounts but then there are some that are so outrageous one can't help but be a little skeptical about the truthfulness of its origins.
I used to love scaring this other cousin of mine till she smacked me full in the face in hysteria and then I realized e le malie hehehe.

Goddess of Savaii said...

being the havaii grown fobaholic that i am, i sooooo grew up with those ghost talks, of korse i keep thinking thta people imagine things but sometimes its eerily convincing.
reesa: about john's dad (he must've been drink driving again, heheh...i luv listening to that man's stories when he's wasted!!!).

Dok said...

OMG rees dont even bring this subject up. Lately at the hospital when I work late shifts, there is a particular corridor i keep getting goosebumps walking passed. There is this particular waiting area that always has the light turned off over at night (rest of corridor lights on) but everytime i walk past I swear i can hear people whispering...I get goosebumps as well and check it- it always kinda sounds like someones whispering about i think i hear things like 'look at her'....BUT NO ONE IS THERE!! then i keep thinking of all the possible people who have died in the hospital still ingering around!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..stcrhoooooob it right now!!!!!

reesa said...

Well it seems we all agree these things happen. LOL @ savaii girl and John's dad. Yeah, that was a first that one...So what? A spirit that decided to come as Pinochio? LMAO.

Hey dok...speaking of corridors, my cousins were talking about this school building in their state that caught on camera children running in and through the walls of the corridors.

So I wonder how they can be seen and others cant. Remember that movie Ghost? How if you were murdered your spirit stayed and if you died of an accident, the demons come and take your spirit? Weird.