Thursday, November 30, 2006

life's a ball

Things have just been fine lately. This may have contributed a little to the lack of posts but a big part of that is just laziness. I mean, dont you feel that when there's drama, something goes off in your head and you think, "Ahhh, there's something I could blog about.."?

So we've had baby's birthday (Im actually trying my best not to call baby "baby" cause he's not a baby anymore...sniff sniff....) It was a great party. Went through a fair bit of stress for it but thats okay. We had fun and so did the kids which is the best bit about it.

John went to Fiji for an anti corruption consultation on the 14th and 15th of November. He went via Auckland and came back the same route. He spent a few extra days in Auckland and did some shopping. I was really pleased with what he got. I wrote him a detailed list and all but I was still proud that he was able to figure out the right sizes and colors. He got baby ...I mean Ave.. and I some clothes. He also got himself some nice shirts and a couple of shorts. He also brought over a box that was the size of a small island from my sister. It contained a set of plastic drawers for baby's clothes, some clothes and chips (a lot of chips - grainwaves, cheezles, biguns etc) for Ave's birthday party. Boy, we saved heaps on the snaks cause the amount of chips in that box was enough to feed five birthday parties! I was a bit perturbed with what happened to the rest of the chips from the party but thats another post. This is a happy post....

Work's been good. Really good actually. We've got a new lady working with us and she's different. Has a different approach but the best thing I like about her is that she loves her mother to death. Her mother is 98 and is living with her family. That is quite a rare thing in modern society, especially in palagi society, to be looking after an elderly parent. Usually, the parent would be taken to an old people's home. So I was both surprised and pleased to find out about Libby's Mum. She used to be a florist so Libby is having a ball taking photos of our beautiful tropical flowers and sending them to her Mum. I printed out a picture of a gerbra from my garden and gave it to Libby for her Mum. Here's the pic and hope you enjoy its beauty as much as I do....

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Dylan said...

Oh YAY, getting new things is always nice especially if you've asked for it and don't think you're going to get it and still end up getting it!

I'm glad that Babys (yeah yeah, it's a hard habit to break, my daughter is going to be 8 and I still call her baby, ugh) birthday party went good, did you eat a lot of good Samoan food? Oh I'd kill for some pisupo and talo...I wonder if I can con my Dad into making me some. Ugh.

Good to see that you're doing well sweetie!