Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The story about money

We've been so broke lately. Actually, we are always broke. And I downright hate being broke ALL THE DAMN TIME! I worked out a budget and even after reshuffling and changes, the numbers still end up negative. Usually, when I budget, I always manage to work it out on paper and am somewhat surprised as to why I dont have any money left over. This time, even on paper it looks depressing with many "if onlys". If only the baby sitter didnt run up the phone bill. If only I didnt succumb to my sweet-tooth fetish and bake that banana cake, running up the electricity bill. If only.

Yesterday we did a massive shopping. Well, we bought two weeks worth of vegetables for baby, some meat, onions etc. The usual shopping we do on payday except yesterday wasnt pay day. Today is. But yesterday, John checked his account and discovered $300 in there. He thought his aunty had sent him some money hence, the hard-out shopping. We spent $150 in the space of 30 minutes. Today, John found 0 in the place of the $150 that should have been left in his account. Where's it gone and where's his pay? Well, after a bit of investigation he found that somehow his pay went in a day early. Some of his deductions kick in today and that's what ate up the rest of the money left over from yesterday's spree. Leaving a nice and round zero to greet him! That's just perfect.

Since we're on the money issue, I really want to start a business. I always think about opening a consultancy firm. I have contacts that would make excellent business partners as they are experts in their so called fields BUT, the million dollar question is whether they want to branch off from what they are currently doing and join me in business. Another issue altogether. In my head though, everything seems like they could work out and it would be a goldmine. The firm could look at providing technical advice on Marketing, Communications and IT, Accountancy, Auditing, Policy and Planning, Project Design and Travel (yeah I know this one seems a bit out of it but hey relax, this is only the "thinking" stage). I really think this could work if the right people are involved and everything is well thought out, clear and transparent. But this is all just me occupying myself with thoughts because I cant go to sleep kinda thing so it might just all fall apart in practice. This isnt the only business idea ive had. In fact, I have many many many. Yes, many ideas, no implementation. I can already see a gap.

I can go on and on but thats just boring. Im tired. Im loggin out....


I like me just fine :)) said...

hiya Reesa, thanks for stopping by my page. Its weird but its a nice tingley feeling when people leave you a comment!! I love your stuff on your baby...he's too cute...those lashes..oka kalepe fatu nei heh heh I'm jus chelous now!

Your other blog is fun too! Keep up the great work, I love hearing about whats happening back home!

reesa said...

Tell me about the tingley feeling! Im getting all excited now that I finally got a comment! Lol. Thanks for stoppin by :) You keep those posts comin too! Great to hear about a Samoan farin' out and about out there in the big world.

dasifi said...

Gurl tell me about being broke I can write a book on the subject.
I don't know how our parents did it.. I can never remember a time when I went hungry or didn't have what I wanted not necessarily needed.

It always seemed as if my parents were rolling in da stuff.
They had some pretty fantastic budgeting skills despite the fact that neither took any accounting or financial management
Ia ae aua le's only that we want the best for our kids and we want to provide them with everything that we scrutinize our finances down to a cent.
One day hopefully in da future money worries will be a thing of the past.

Alofas from this side to you, John and Ave.
PS/ Reesa can you tell me if John's other bro Toa is still in NZ or back home in Samoa. Would really like to have his contact address. faamolemole ua faalemafaufau atu.

God Bless.