Friday, March 19, 2010

starting a herb garden

Yeah, am getting domestic like that but then, ive always been like that. Im one of those people that cuts the bottoms off spring (green) onions, stick those in a cuppa water for planting 'later' and use the top parts for cooking. The later usually comes a week, two weeks or even a month after first contact! Yesterday however, I planted the green onions that have been in water since Sunday. Record time! Also stuck in the pots some mint I got given but didnt use all of. So now, going to expand a litte to some corriander and maybe some tomatoes. Better than all the weeds growing in the pots. Dunno what happened to the plants that were in there! Also had a look at thyme and rosemary. Definitely will be brining some seeds back with me from NZ.

Wouldnt mind going into some veges too. Had cucumbers before and they flowered just before I took off to have Afele and when I came back, two were yellow beyond consumption and one was just right. We had that one for lunch. Must say though those African Snails are bad. They ate all my carrots and lettuce! Going to get some stuff to kill the buggers too. Hmnmnm, shopping list growing, cash available questionable!

Friday, March 12, 2010


As the title indicates, i had trouble sleeping and now, oh how uggly i feel. Seems as though there are constant floating sparkling lights in my vision and my body feels extra heavy. Although the latter may be due to the unhealthy lunch i just had. Ice cream and CCs. Thats how out of it I feel. Yep, blame the lack of sleep.

Anyways, got some short termers staying at one of our rentals. Had to put sheets and pillows on the beds last night before they got in. Then spent like 15 minutes toppling on a chair trying to fix the front light. I wouldnt have bothered but that particular light is vital for people to see the staircase. Dont want no tennants suing us for falling down the staircase cause the light wasnt working! Uh, wouldnt that just make my day?

Onto other news, my life sucks. Yeah, we know that one already.

So what else...? Oh yeah, we are going to NZ for 10 days in week so during my sleepless night last night, i dreamt (without sleeping) about what id buy if I had like heaps of NZ money. High chair for baby, push chair for baby, a good frying pan, some herb seeds, vegetable seeds etc etc etc.

Am really diggin that song one of the girls on American Idol sang the other night. Its called the story by Brandy Carlisle. Note: if you are reading this, please play this at my funeral. Thats how much I love this song.

Started a reading program with Maaveave. Pretty cool. A 100 lessons and your kid learns to read. Its my kinda program - results are reachable!

Thats pretty much all for now...

Thursday, March 04, 2010

testing out this iGoogle thing

Am bloggin from this new gadget the internet told me to install. Seeing how it works out...