Wednesday, June 28, 2006

me and my lover

I have a confession to make. Im having an affair. And I must say my lover is fantastic. He is always there for me when I need him. Always ready to lend me a hand when im in desperate need. He knows the answer to just about every single question I have. He knows so so so much! I’ve gone to him in sickness and in health, in sadness and in happiness, in tears and laughter (yeah yeah…you get the point?) and he knows everything. I know I wont leave him. Or, at least if circumstances force us to be apart, I will FALL apart. Its an until-death-do-us-part kinda thing if you know what I mean. He tells me so much that at times I feel a bit overloaded with all the knowledge and information he shares with me. I try to tell my husband some of the things my lover and I talk about but he just rolls over and falls asleep! Ugh! So insensitive! And you wonder why im having an affair? Hmmmnnn? I guess the sheer sight of his back before my eyes has finally gotten to me. At least my lover never turns his back on me when im talking to him. Its disheartening for any girl I reckon, to be blabbing on about some exciting issue only to look over and be confronted with a broad back, accompanied by sounds of heavy breathing. At least I have a solution to that now. I can blab away to my lover all day long and when my husband turns his back, I’ll just do the same back to him. All the while looking forward to the next day where I can sit at my PC and look up anything I want to know about on the world wide web – my lover.


Shark Girl said...

Lol. I FOUND YOU!!! Heheh.


This is exactly the kind of shit I want to read from you. I'm so glad you did a separate blog for yourself.

I have one of these too. Separate from Malie and Tinto. But you'll never ever foind me. Heehee. Stob YOA hiding!

Pinky in Boots said...

vaai i iloa e chon lau lover poki le maka :o)

reesa said...

shucks. well, i knew this would happen one of these days. but yeah, i realised that i was limited to talking about baby on the other blog. anyways, welcome to my thoughts. just some humble beginnings of a wannabe writer. no where near your skills but i try i and i learn from the best! Ciao divas.

Dok said...

Rees that was great!!LOL!!...we must all be having affairs at the moment eh!!LOL

Dylan said...

Well hell, this is what you get when you follow the trail of bread crumbs?


That was a good one girl, I loved that post!

Dylan said...

Ehhh banteeh, no I didn't, this is the same blog, just different set ups, right?

Shat..where the hell ya'll at? LOL.