Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Tattooist

Great movie. Liked the plot and enjoyed the holywood-ing of our pe'a ceremony. But kinda squirmed in my seat when I heard the nz-borns try to speak Samoan. Whoever wrote that script shoulda repplaced all the t's with k's to give a more natural curve. Oh well. It was made for the palagis anyway. Guess I wasnt supposed to understand the Samoan words.

Watching this movie in Samoa in a theatre full of Samoans is another experience. Probably why I enjoyed myself so much. Well, other than the fact of Jason Behr...oka se aulelei o le jama. But that is something else...But the Samoan humor...People dying brought waves of laughter from the audience. Jason Behr's attempts to woo Sina were easily muted by the polos in the back row snickering and giggling.

Se malo lava le fai mea pepelo.

Howdy howdy

So the feeling has returned to publish some thoughts here especially following the great excitement of the Nation-wide Tsunami Drill yesterday....

I dressed specifically in shorts, t-shirt and jandals for the occasion. In no way was I going to run up Mt Vaea in a skirt and the "gilas". But I was not like to fall over while the masses made their way to higher ground....like i saw some do rather unfashionably! Can you believe some idiots dragged their stilettos all the way to the prayer house and back? On tar seal? All I can say is, you woulda gotten a great work-out at the expense of not only your feet but those beautiful heels.

To some extent, seeing the corporate community make an effort to make the drill a success warmed my heart. Eventhough the sun was hot enough to fry our brains, the sight of the average overweight samoan huffing and puffing to make it up the hill somehow made the distance easier.

Of course there was the occasional fia malie that decided to scream "help" at the midst of our efforts to put one foot in front of the other. It did give us a good opportunity to stop for a bit of air and to laugh.

The drill did upset our work schedule for the rest of the day but hey, Im not complaining.

I got caught afterwards in a discussion involving blisters that resulted in very loud and samoan eruptions of laughter. You can easily guess what this discussion was about IF and only IF you are Samoan. Dont you love our humour? We can make some painful experience very funny. And private parts very public for that matter.

Only in Samoa.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

runaway chicken

At the tip of everyone's tongue are the letters SPG im sure.
But between my teeth is chicken threatening to grow legs
And run back to the box where it came from.
Say no to unprotected sex and food poisoning.
Faamolemole, we dont have any pepto.
The laukuava will do thank you.

Bottled water or how about a bottled coke?
Not the maka'eka'e bottle, its now a plastic fagu
And you have to plant a tree after every mouthful.
Because being a winner is to being a binner
Or is it bin it, win it. Se kailo se.

Im gonna jump for the gold, im gonna run for the gold.
Nevermind the sore back there from the swan
I'll remember johnson and johsson soft wipes
Or maybe e best ai lava fu'afu'a leaf
Tupu le vevesi oga o le faiga a le runaway chicken

Friday, April 20, 2007

So! its been a while...

I make no apologies for why I havent been updating as I cant even remember what my excuse is/was except that of being lazy (and that excuse is just so overused!)

So ANYWAYS...on to other things...this morning I was cordially alerted about a letter to the editor in the paper concerning our Ministry. As soon as I got my hands on the paper, I read the article out loud (as it was in Samoan) to my co-workers afterwhich we conducted a very interesting and hot debate on how this Ministry should be run. Now because I value my job, I will not go into the details for fear of getting FIRED but lets just say that my personal comment to the person that wrote to the paper is "YOU GO GIRL (OR MAN!), whoever you are!" Its about time someone brought out into the open what is really cooking deep within our bureaucracy and it aint steak with mash potatoes if you ask me.

Im gonna be real cheap and end this post here because I have a meeting right now. Gotta go prep so I wouldnt look like a dumb idiot during the meeting...


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Conversations with my psyche

Yesterday, I just bought 8 packets of M&Ms from Amau. I was amazed at my psychic powers because I heard clearly in my head what the check-out girl was thinking, “and THIS is why you are not a size 10 like me” I turned around just to make sure that no one actually said this out loud. And also to make sure that no one else spotted me getting the 8 packets. Actually, I didn’t really care if anyone saw me. Because my own psyche was telling me not to care. Its not all for you anyway. And that check-out girl? She’s got eyes the size of Savaii. That is so unattractive. Maybe on some but not on a horse-lookalike.

Out of the eight packets, I had about 5 M&Ms. Six went to Cam, one to Andrew and the rest either went to John or Ave.

They are so greedy.

But I guess Im just bitter cause I only HAD FIVE! And I want some NOW!

It’s a beautiful day.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

when the hype is on

Afraid of the usual disappointment, I didnt bother to watch the finals of the Wellington 7's where our team was facing the Fiji team. I am also a bit superstitious and thought maybe I was bad luck and maybe if I didnt watch the game they would win. And they did. I watched what must have been the 3rd replay of the games a few days later and must say, our boys did really well. A win well deserved and playing with their hearts giving their all for their country. Malo lava!

The big win was on Friday night. It gave a good reason for the whole country to go up in celebration. Im sure Vailima brewries made a killing.

On Saturday, the final for the Oceania Volleyball Tournament held at Tuanaimato again saw Samoa facing New Zealand for both the men and women's teams. I happened by the games at just the right moment by accident. My cousin and I were going for a walk when we passed the gymnasium and decided to go in and see what was happening.

The finals of the women's teams were playing. NZ vs Samoa. Judging from the look of things, we stood no chance. The NZ team not only had a proper uniform, they were tall, toned and looked fit. Our team, well, not so much. It was a close game during the second set. That left the last set to decide the winner. Once more I was surprised that we had won! All the more adding to the excitement.

The boys were playing NZ next and again, we won. Yay! It was also a win well deserved and well played for both teams. I can imagine that the hype from the rugby must have added that little bit of confidence that is contributing to our improved performance. I think that maybe this year will be a good year for us in sports especially with the SPG coming up. Finally we can show the south pacific if not the world, that we can do it when our hearts are in there.

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Calm Before the Storm

I've been highly cautious if not highly bothered by the weather lately and the sight outside today is a perfect picture to describe the "The Calm Before the Storm." You can hear a stone drop. The sea is calm and the coconut trees that are usually pretty against the seawall loom like they too are listening and awaiting what is to come. The sky is overcast with a tint of purple lining the horizon and adding to the overall gloom of the day. The air feels heavy and the ground is wet and soggy.

Prayers that we dont get a cyclone this season.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Pregnant or not?

Im afraid to do the test in case it comes out possitive and then what are we gonna do? Not me. The babysitter. She came back from a three week holiday and has been "sick" saying her chest feels like its closing in making it hard to breathe. I thought it was indigestion and gave her some Eno and Pepto. But she was still in bed after two days. We took her to the hospital and the doctor asked her if there was a chance she might be pregnant. She of course said no. So we are wondering wondering. Waiting Waiting. The first day she got sick, John immediately said she might be pregnant as what was happening are the first symptoms of pregnancy....riiight honey! 'Cause you're the expert! I initially thought she was going through what I was going through...a kind of a reality hit. But, as her sickness is prolonging...just maybe she is. I might just get those tests today and have her do it. My gosh...what if?????

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Everything's wrong

I smile but really I want to growl and sneer. I dont feel like being nice today. Im tired of small talk and I hate questions like "how are you?" I sit at work and think about everything but work. Attention span is very short. I dont want to be here. I dont want to be in this country. I dont want to be in this world, this life. I want to throw a glass at the wall and watch it shatter. I want to kick someone in the shin just to see them double over in pain. Im annoyed. For why, I dont know. Maybe its the heat. Maybe its the broken air conditioning. Maybe its the constant whirring of a lawnmower from outside. Maybe its because the year has changed but yet nothing's changed in my life. Maybe its just PMS.

I was discussing something and as my co-worker was blabbing away, I only realised what she was saying when I heard her say, "You have a quizzical look on your face. Don't you agree with this idea? What are you thinking?" I was this close *indicates small distance between finger and thumb* to saying what I was really thinking about. This:

A lot of blank spaces. Looks like 2007 will be a ball....

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back to Work Blues

The holidays have come and gone maybe a bit too fast. At least I can say I planted a garden, spent lots and lots of time with my son and managed to avoid fighting with my husband for each and everyday we spent at home. We also spent a day together with my mother at Piula before 2006 ended. It was John's first time there and he loved it. He hates sea water as it gives him the itches. And I got a great tan.

Its back to work again and I dont know if its selective or my memory has just failed me. I can hardly remember where to continue with work. All I can think of is my son and what he might be doing at this very moment. Highly selective I would think. I look around me and feel lost in my small office space. I try to think about work and what I should be doing but all I manage to do is ask myself what I am doing here! Gosh this sucks.