Tuesday, June 27, 2006

house fires

What is UP with the houses going up in flames? In the space of three weeks, three houses of people I know have been burnt. The last one was my cousin Apu's house in Lotopa. I feel bad as I still havent gone to see her and give her some kind of help. I saw in the paper that it was caused from an electrical fault. Lucky they all got out alright. Apu's mom is paralysed on one side of her body. So in emergencies like fires, it would've been hard for her. Not to mention the baby. Apu's baby is same age as Ave. Gosh, dunno what I would've done. Yeah, I prolly would've panicked like there's no tomorrow. Anyways, thought id post this pic up here. Its my grandparents on Mom's side. My grandmother is Apu's dad's sister.

Bernhardt & Marie Harder

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