Wednesday, June 28, 2006

me and my lover

I have a confession to make. Im having an affair. And I must say my lover is fantastic. He is always there for me when I need him. Always ready to lend me a hand when im in desperate need. He knows the answer to just about every single question I have. He knows so so so much! I’ve gone to him in sickness and in health, in sadness and in happiness, in tears and laughter (yeah yeah…you get the point?) and he knows everything. I know I wont leave him. Or, at least if circumstances force us to be apart, I will FALL apart. Its an until-death-do-us-part kinda thing if you know what I mean. He tells me so much that at times I feel a bit overloaded with all the knowledge and information he shares with me. I try to tell my husband some of the things my lover and I talk about but he just rolls over and falls asleep! Ugh! So insensitive! And you wonder why im having an affair? Hmmmnnn? I guess the sheer sight of his back before my eyes has finally gotten to me. At least my lover never turns his back on me when im talking to him. Its disheartening for any girl I reckon, to be blabbing on about some exciting issue only to look over and be confronted with a broad back, accompanied by sounds of heavy breathing. At least I have a solution to that now. I can blab away to my lover all day long and when my husband turns his back, I’ll just do the same back to him. All the while looking forward to the next day where I can sit at my PC and look up anything I want to know about on the world wide web – my lover.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

house fires

What is UP with the houses going up in flames? In the space of three weeks, three houses of people I know have been burnt. The last one was my cousin Apu's house in Lotopa. I feel bad as I still havent gone to see her and give her some kind of help. I saw in the paper that it was caused from an electrical fault. Lucky they all got out alright. Apu's mom is paralysed on one side of her body. So in emergencies like fires, it would've been hard for her. Not to mention the baby. Apu's baby is same age as Ave. Gosh, dunno what I would've done. Yeah, I prolly would've panicked like there's no tomorrow. Anyways, thought id post this pic up here. Its my grandparents on Mom's side. My grandmother is Apu's dad's sister.

Bernhardt & Marie Harder

Friday, June 23, 2006

a night alone

My hubby's off to Savaii for the night. He's going to attend a special fono a le nuu tomorrow. There was a dispute between some matais over land. They took the issue to the Lands and Title Court and they started getting violent there. Now, the village has taken matters into its hands to try and reslove the dsipute. Talk about drama-tic! All Im concerned about is 1) the potential of things to get violent. Dont want my husband coming back in a box and 2) the expense! gosh every meeting, every court case they have, the matais have to contribute money to feed God-knows-who. Not to mention dish out money to whoever for their pasese. Im sick and tired of going to NPF everytime they have a faamasinoga, to get the money we dont have for these contributions. In saying all that, I cant stop doing what Im doing. unless i divorce John of course. But that's not an option. I guess a girl's just gotta bite the bullet and swallow the anger!
Some friends are planning early drinks at borabora and then come to the live and free concert in front of the govt. buiding. The babysitter asked me on Monday if she could come and I said yes...stupid me. That means I cant go. Dang. Oh well, will use this time to bond with Ave and rest my voice. Im on the verge of becoming unheard. I have a minor cold and its affecting my voice. So while everybody will be boogying to STOP, DROP AND ROLL think of me while I (try) sing and converse to Ave.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

my golly!

I've been so busy at work. Wait. That, was actually an understatement. I was so feckin busy this week at work. That still doesnt do justice to explain the amount of dung i've had to deal with in the past few days. Its so hectic here that im starting to dream about my work and plan my next day ahead. Sometimes I feel as though my brain is burning up from overworking and that my ears would soon blow smoke. And its all to do with taxation. Who is supposed to pay local VAGST and Income Tax given they are being employed from overseas and paid by government money? I've consulted with lawyers at AGs a thousand times and looked at contracts and its clauses a million times and still, the zillion questions floating around taxation cannot be answered! Im just sick of it all. Cant stand to look at another Act or contract ever again.
Because of my messed up week, I held out for a drink all day yesterday. I was thinking of actually having a couple after my shower, have dinner then sleep. Whatever. I ended up getting smashing drunk and danced like a queen at Crabbers(?) then at Bad Billy's with LoSam and Toetu. These two showed up at home and so began the drinking binge. Now I feel rather tired and hungover! ARRRGGGG!
Anyways, check this pic out. Its John, Toetu, CheeKu and LoSam. Taken at BluLagoon last Sat. What drunks!

Friday, June 16, 2006


This is me and my son Maaveave Camillo Taimalelagi. He was born on the 23rd of November 2005 in Auckland. He is the love of my life. My other life long love is movies. I love watching movies and I have ever since I was a lil' girl. Going to the movies is something I dont do as often now since Ave entered this world but thanks to TV3, Lau and occassionally SBC, I am still able to get my frequent fix of movies. So where was I? Yes...the loves of my life. Well, then there's my husband.

We got married on the 23rd July 2005 at St. Teresa Chapel, Lepea. John Papalii. He also has a matai title - Papalii - (which makes him Papalii John Papalii) but I prefer John and um err...."honey" LOL.

So there's a wee bit about me. More should come along as we go.


In the beginning, God created light. Somewhere thereafter, this blog was created. lol. There's baby's blog but then I wanted somewhere to vent. Somewhere to escape to. Somewhere I can write about anything and everything. So welcome to a page that will hopefully be filled laughter, drama, tears, gossip, scandal and whatever....Just a a 20-something, samoan, and proud mother-of-one trying to get by in this intertwining and confused world.