Monday, July 03, 2006

bludeh hot

What could be worse than Monday at work, the air conditioning down, I have a cold plus a cough that threatens to bring the heavens down (more like bring my brains out!). And now at about 4pm, the sun decides to stream through my curtain-less window. ugghh! Oh and did I mention that im broke without a dime and get anything to help with this cough? I didnt have lunch (cause im broke) but got chocolates from an old friend who just got back from NZ and have been munching on those. Now I feel sick in the stomach as well as my head and chest! Okay, I should stop thinking negative and think possitive.

*thinks really really hard*

nope. not working. okay, i better go empty my bladder before i make a mess on top of everything else thats not going well for me today....

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