Wednesday, July 19, 2006

a massage

Oh how I long for one. My body feels as though its been hit by a truck over and over and over. Even the little parts on the insides of my wrists are sore. Even my pinkie feels like it was in the twin towers on 9/11. Only the thought that the pain will eventually pass is keeping me from jumping out my window.

Its from all the excercise ive been torturng my body with.

From months and months of inactivity to this sudden boost of vigorous training...and then there's the higher number of "outings" and late nights lately... and then theres the increased rate of alcohol intake. My life is slowly getting back to "normal" after acquiring a house, a husband, a bunch of in-laws, a baby and a babysitter. An now, im feeling the impact of trying to get back into some kind of shape - whatever that may be. I know all it takes is a good rest and some powerade but...(theres always a but)...yeah...cant do that really. I mean, how? Just how can I miss out on all the drinking and partying and time with baby? There's no time!

Gosh, imagine when baby number two arrives! Thank God for contraceptives!

Two days ago I saw my friend eeda. She is pregnant and she is huge. Im so glad I went through that process and survived. It looks so tiresome being pregnant. Although eeda seemed energetic and happy to be pregnant. She's looking very healthy and I am so happy for her.

Well seeing as i've just hit a brick wall on what else to write i'll say adios!

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dasifi said...

hey at least u are workin' out my daughter is almost 3 years old n I still feel as if I am carrying around excess weight from back then. U also still have a life I haven't seen the inside of a nightclub since I have been in this feckin' country.
I don't really miss it but I miss hanging out with friend in a place other than within the confines of our apartment.
There's the outings at the park but who really lets loose in a place where the old folks are playing cards and the likes.

PS/ gurl those pics of Toa his partner and baby are awesome. I almost didn't recognize him ua kele le kigo o le aloa.
Good to see him happy n obviously enamoured with his son.

take care suga easy on da excercises i pull se hamstring pe o le a ea le igoa o le mea.

Alofa's to u N urs.