Friday, January 12, 2007

Pregnant or not?

Im afraid to do the test in case it comes out possitive and then what are we gonna do? Not me. The babysitter. She came back from a three week holiday and has been "sick" saying her chest feels like its closing in making it hard to breathe. I thought it was indigestion and gave her some Eno and Pepto. But she was still in bed after two days. We took her to the hospital and the doctor asked her if there was a chance she might be pregnant. She of course said no. So we are wondering wondering. Waiting Waiting. The first day she got sick, John immediately said she might be pregnant as what was happening are the first symptoms of pregnancy....riiight honey! 'Cause you're the expert! I initially thought she was going through what I was going through...a kind of a reality hit. But, as her sickness is prolonging...just maybe she is. I might just get those tests today and have her do it. My gosh...what if?????


supasta said...

eh...i thought we were gonna have another AVE...tammit..heheh..
oh but the babysitter...oh but why?

Shark Girl said...

E fefe ua ova foi le paumumuku o lega Aumai ia Meta e fai ai laga siaki. God, and isn't she s'posed to go to NZ soon?

fotu of samoa said...

LOL! Ka'i tuff le bebesida pe a fai ua ot!