Tuesday, August 28, 2007

runaway chicken

At the tip of everyone's tongue are the letters SPG im sure.
But between my teeth is chicken threatening to grow legs
And run back to the box where it came from.
Say no to unprotected sex and food poisoning.
Faamolemole, we dont have any pepto.
The laukuava will do thank you.

Bottled water or how about a bottled coke?
Not the maka'eka'e bottle, its now a plastic fagu
And you have to plant a tree after every mouthful.
Because being a winner is to being a binner
Or is it bin it, win it. Se kailo se.

Im gonna jump for the gold, im gonna run for the gold.
Nevermind the sore back there from the swan
I'll remember johnson and johsson soft wipes
Or maybe e best ai lava fu'afu'a leaf
Tupu le vevesi oga o le faiga a le runaway chicken

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