Friday, April 20, 2007

So! its been a while...

I make no apologies for why I havent been updating as I cant even remember what my excuse is/was except that of being lazy (and that excuse is just so overused!)

So ANYWAYS...on to other things...this morning I was cordially alerted about a letter to the editor in the paper concerning our Ministry. As soon as I got my hands on the paper, I read the article out loud (as it was in Samoan) to my co-workers afterwhich we conducted a very interesting and hot debate on how this Ministry should be run. Now because I value my job, I will not go into the details for fear of getting FIRED but lets just say that my personal comment to the person that wrote to the paper is "YOU GO GIRL (OR MAN!), whoever you are!" Its about time someone brought out into the open what is really cooking deep within our bureaucracy and it aint steak with mash potatoes if you ask me.

Im gonna be real cheap and end this post here because I have a meeting right now. Gotta go prep so I wouldnt look like a dumb idiot during the meeting...


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