Tuesday, February 06, 2007

when the hype is on

Afraid of the usual disappointment, I didnt bother to watch the finals of the Wellington 7's where our team was facing the Fiji team. I am also a bit superstitious and thought maybe I was bad luck and maybe if I didnt watch the game they would win. And they did. I watched what must have been the 3rd replay of the games a few days later and must say, our boys did really well. A win well deserved and playing with their hearts giving their all for their country. Malo lava!

The big win was on Friday night. It gave a good reason for the whole country to go up in celebration. Im sure Vailima brewries made a killing.

On Saturday, the final for the Oceania Volleyball Tournament held at Tuanaimato again saw Samoa facing New Zealand for both the men and women's teams. I happened by the games at just the right moment by accident. My cousin and I were going for a walk when we passed the gymnasium and decided to go in and see what was happening.

The finals of the women's teams were playing. NZ vs Samoa. Judging from the look of things, we stood no chance. The NZ team not only had a proper uniform, they were tall, toned and looked fit. Our team, well, not so much. It was a close game during the second set. That left the last set to decide the winner. Once more I was surprised that we had won! All the more adding to the excitement.

The boys were playing NZ next and again, we won. Yay! It was also a win well deserved and well played for both teams. I can imagine that the hype from the rugby must have added that little bit of confidence that is contributing to our improved performance. I think that maybe this year will be a good year for us in sports especially with the SPG coming up. Finally we can show the south pacific if not the world, that we can do it when our hearts are in there.


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Did you watch HK Sevens final?