Thursday, February 08, 2007

Conversations with my psyche

Yesterday, I just bought 8 packets of M&Ms from Amau. I was amazed at my psychic powers because I heard clearly in my head what the check-out girl was thinking, “and THIS is why you are not a size 10 like me” I turned around just to make sure that no one actually said this out loud. And also to make sure that no one else spotted me getting the 8 packets. Actually, I didn’t really care if anyone saw me. Because my own psyche was telling me not to care. Its not all for you anyway. And that check-out girl? She’s got eyes the size of Savaii. That is so unattractive. Maybe on some but not on a horse-lookalike.

Out of the eight packets, I had about 5 M&Ms. Six went to Cam, one to Andrew and the rest either went to John or Ave.

They are so greedy.

But I guess Im just bitter cause I only HAD FIVE! And I want some NOW!

It’s a beautiful day.

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fotu of samoa said...

So did you have 5 single M&M chocolates or 5 packets?


I'm just kidding girl. Just wanted to say Hi! Haven't been up in here in a while. :)